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UPDATE April, 24th 2023
If you want to use services on the Internet, http is obsolete and you have to offer your site via https. On the dot. So the below still applies, but it is mandatory to offer https when using the Mastodon Verfier Service.

This website is static and uses html5, css, javascript and more modern techniques to serve it to you. There is no php, no cgi, no tracking, except setting a cookie for your way of best viewed with dark or light mode and to enable the search function, etc.
You don’t authenticate, nor do you have to pass any sensible, personal data to view it.
I don’t log hits, I don’t know about you having visited it.
I don’t sell, you don’t buy at this place - everything is free like the meaning of free beer.

That’s why it doesn’t have a certificate that costs my money.
That’s why it can be viewed using the http protocol.
That’s why it doesn’t serve the https protocol.

I hope that’s all right for you!

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