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Weather Widget - Intro

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Considerations of making a weather widget myself

I am already using a free account at OpenWeatherMap for my Lilygo TTGO T5 V2.0 - ESP32 with E-Paper Display from Funduino-Shop and have adapted the code from a previously used Badgy to suit my needs.

How would it be if I had a weather widget on my local homepage on my PC?

I could use available Weather Widgets for my account, however they do not provide the information that OneCall API offers.

The German Weather Service also provides free data, but preparing current weather data and forecasts for the next days including weather icons from the OpenData service of the DWD is certainly possible for meteorologists, but that seems too complicated for me. That’s unfortunate, but not bad.

I am therefore using my account at OpenWeatherMap to get a JSON file with current weather information and a forecast for the next days if I call up the service, and can also access online weather icons. Unfortunately, they are not offered as a download package, see “Discussion about binding the weather icons of OpenWeatherMap online” on the internet. I have decided to use the icons from OpenWeather though, but also save them locally so that the widget can display them even if the service is currently unavailable or I am offline - after all, I have the JSON file locally, too.

Weather Data:
Discussion about binding the weather icons of OpenWeatherMap online: